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Dog Supplies

For All Dog Owners & Furbabies

A place where high quality dog toys are sold at an affordable price. We believe that your dog only deserves the best!
Free shipping for orders above $49!

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The Story of Madgz Dog Supplies

Dogs are Family

The opening of this store was inspired by Madonna, a Husky X Staffy that happened to be fostered at barely 6 weeks old by Felicia and eventually ended up as a foster fail. Felicia was going through a hard patch and with the constant lockdowns, she is not able to sit for her medical license exams as it was postponed or cancelled multiple times. The idea of starting a dog toys store began when she realised that Madonna enjoys her food puzzles and food dispensers but gets bored easily. Eventually Madonna had solved all of the Kong toys and started looking for more challenging puzzles. However, most toys do not last long or are too expensive in the market. After some research and looking into the pet market, Felicia realised that the demand for a tough and long lasting toy is really high. There are nylon toys but those are not recommended for some dogs as they do break the teeth. Hence, with that in mind, finally here are the toys, put together under the power chewer range which are expected to last at least 30 days just like some popular brands.


As the idea of opening a store started with having Madonna as part of her family, Felicia would like to name the store after her baby girl that had made life much more meaningful but putting it as 'Madonna Dog Supplies' is too weird to Felicia. After thinking for some time, she settled with the name 'Madgz Dog Supplies', a nickname most people in the dog park and her siblings' families (All 10 puppies are in touch constantly) would call her. 

We are currently operating as a fully online store (small business at home) in Melbourne, Victoria but we do provide postage all over Australia and New Zealand.


Julie, Banjo's Mum

The toys are still intact after two weeks with little to no damage. He used to destroy all his toys and it's nice to find some that survived.

Paul, Roxy's Dad

Roxy always finds a way to destroy her toys. However, the pumpkin lasted and it keeps her interested long enough to remove all the treats from it which doesn't happen with her Kong as she usually got bored


My Dane X has the pumpkin treat dispenser and absolutely LOVES it. Very durable.


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