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Welcome to Madgz Dog Supplies, an online store operating from Melbourne and inspired by our favourite pup, Madonna adopted back in 2020. We specialise in durable and enrichment toys, focusing on quality and fun that a toy can provide to the dogs. We understand that most people are worried about leaving their dogs for long period of time which can lead to boredom and needed something to keep them entertained. Although no toys are indestructible, we also know that most toys are easily destroyed within minutes and there are concerns regarding ingesting small parts of them causing blockages. Therefore, we look for high quality and durable toys which are longer lasting and durable. Ours are multifunctional in order to keep your dogs entertained as you leave them for work. The Power Chewer range are made to last strong jaws and multiple chews. Do try our toys  as you will be satisfied with the quality of the toys that we have.