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Madgz Dog Supplies was created in 2021 with Madonna, a rescued Husky X Staffy being the inspiration. We focused on selling durable and enrichment toys to keep your dogs entertained. Occasionally, we might have some home made treats as well. 

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How It All Started

On Christmas Day of 2019, a rescue had asked for volunteers to foster 11 puppies that was coming on New Year's Day from rural NSW. I volunteered to foster 2 of them. The litter was named after the 80's idols hence the name Madonna. When they were all ready for adoption, we decided to adopt Madonna. She ended up being our foster fail and had brought a lot of joy to us. Madonna is a Husky X Staffy, thus she enjoys enrichment toys and running in the park. While looking for enrichment toys, I noticed that the toys are repetitive or easily ruined by Madonna. Therefore, I started looking for durable toys and something much more challenging to keep her entertained. That is how this business started as we would like to share what we found with the rest of the dogs here. Our toys are made of food grade safe materials and obtained all the necessary certifications. While most toys are durable, we understand that there is no toys that are indestructible. Therefore we advise that you monitor your dogs when they initially have them. 

Madonna, our favourite pup!

A few photos of Madonna enjoying her toys or treats!


After adopting Madonna, we still continue to foster puppies and adult dogs from different rescues in order to help them put a save on these dogs. So far, we had fostered more than 10 dogs in 4 years and our latest foster had been with us for 1 year which is a Bull Arab X and he will soon be ready for adoption after we had worked on his anxiety. Besides volunteering as foster carers, we occasionally donate treats and raise funds for selected rescues. Therefore, your purchases also assist in helping these rescues.